CopyRight Laws:



Almost all commercially available music is copyrighted material. Usually, without the permission of the copyright holder, an individual does not have the right to reproduce it. Memory Magic supports this Copyright Act and feels that an artist's work should be protected as it is their property. We are happy that they share these creative works with us and support the idea that they should be compensated for the work that they did.

Because of this, we have purchased all of the music and arranged the proper licenses for the music that we provide in your DVD Slideshow Presentations.

If you have chosen some music that is protected by copyright and that you would like us to use in your presentation; but have not already purchased the licenses for, we can look into purchasing them for you.  However, depending on the song that you have chosen,  you may be required to obtain both a master use license PLUS the synchronization license which will give you the rights for the originator's music PLUS the specific VERSION of the music you have chosen. Sadly, just purchasing the music does not give us the right to use the music in an artistic or creative way and you need to purchase a license for that as well. However, be advised that even if we do find the correct people to ask for permission to use the specified music, the cost of doing so is usually very high.

By purchasing a DVD movie, our customers are agreeing with our terms of service; and concede that they will not copy the DVD in any manner, nor offer it for resale without the permission of all copyright holders. The viewing of this Slideshow Movie will be enjoyed at no charge by their friends and family.


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