Music for your Funeral Slideshow

Music is one of the most important elements of a elegant Memorial Slideshow or Funeral Presentation. It is an effective tool to further promote your theme and enhance the mood of the slideshow.

We always strive to create the perfect DVD slideshow for your loved one, your family and the audience. Rest assured that we will do our very best to find exceptional music that will set the mood and create a wonderful setting for your Funeral Slideshow. Each individual soundtrack is spliced and edited and created with the express purpose of enhancing the emotions that are felt within each life story. This is how we create every slideshow presentation, and we select each soundtrack to fit the individual and their story. It is our intention and hope that when we suggest music to our customers, they will be motivated to appreciate something that they may not have heard before.

Copyright Laws and Regulations

Memory Magic is very thankful for the creative works given to the world by musicians and artists. We respect their rights and will not use anything without properly purchasing and licensing those products first. Most people don't realize that when music is purchased on Itunes or on a CD, you are only purchasing the right to LISTEN to that music; you are not purchasing the rights to use that music in any artistic way, and that includes slideshows. Special licensing needs to be purchased for every song used. Not only the artist must be compensated, but the recording label and the record company as well.

All of the music in your Memory Magic DVD Slideshow has been purchased, licensed and used with permission. These hidden costs are included in the price of your presentation. The viewing of your DVD Funeral Slideshow is to be enjoyed at no charge by your friends and family.

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