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Memorial Slideshows

We create animated graphic presentations for playing during the memorial service to commemorate, celebrate and pay tribute to the life of your loved one. Using a selection of photographs and video clips, set to beautiful music and meaningful quotations, this presentation will provide a moving and personal element to the memorial service.

Each DVD Slideshow can be distinctly personalized and customized. We work magic with your precious memories. It's a creative method of preserving and passing on your memories that will be cherished and passed down through the generations. Memorial Tributes and Funeral Presentations are one of our highest priorities, contact us today to create a beautiful Memorial Tribute for your loved one and to be kept as a family keepsake.

Slideshow Steps:

For Example:
A sample Memorial might consist of:

Opening- Clock and book
Chapters- Blue Titles
- Growing Up 30 pictures
- Marriage 15 pictures
- Children    30 pictures
- Grandchildren   40 pictures
- Happy Times  85 pictures
- Margaret 40 pictures of just her

Click on and follow the steps above to create your slideshow.